Improve Wired Headphone Audio From A Nintendo Switch?

Like most people this time of year, I've been traveling to visit family. Also like most, a set of headphones is a must for long plane rides. My current phone is the Razer Phone, which also means carrying Razer's USB-C dongle which contains a 24 bit THX certified DAC. Sure, that may not mean much since Razer owns THX, but keep reading.

As of firmware 5.0, the Nintendo Switch could pass audio via its USB-C port. Most people have used this for wireless USB headsets. Now what happens when you're aren't paying attention and just plug your headphones with dongle attached to the Switch's USB-C port?

Pure audio bliss, that's what. Deeper, more vibrant audio. I just tried with Ys VIII and the recently released R-type and wow. Switching between the Razer dongle and the Switch's headphone jack was night and day.

If you use a wired headset, even a cheap set, this will most definitely improve your audio quality.

If interested, the dongle can be found here for $19.99 plus shipping.

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